I Don’t Know Why My Female Colleagues Are Doing Better Than The Males – Kunle Remi

Actor Kunle Remi said that the female actors in the Nollywood industry are usually doing better than their male counterpart, and he doesn’t know why this is so. The actor talked about this during his interview on one of the recent episodes of The Honest Bunch Podcast. 

The actor said that it is always surprising when he goes to the movie set with a moderate car and on getting there, he sees his female colleagues coming with exotic cars.

This is because he knows the budget of the movies, he knows the amount he will get paid and has an idea of how much everyone else will be paid. So it’s surprising to see that actresses who are not even playing the lead role in movies are making more money than male actors who lead. 

He added that some actresses might say that they have other businesses like selling hair and so on. Although it is true that they are actresses like that, and they have visible evidence to back it up, but some of them don’t really have anything else they do aside acting, yet they usually achieve much more than their male counterparts.

“I am very confident, I am never intimidated with all those things, but people around ask what the actresses are doing differently that’s making them more successful than the male actors. I can’t answer that question till tomorrow,” he said.

He further stated that they are up and coming actors who think that the female actors in the industry made all their money in acting. When they get into the industry, and they are not getting the same result, they start wondering why it is so.