Actress, Wumi Toriola Breaks Silence After She Was Accused Of Beating Her Mother And Mother-In-law

Most of us are quite familiar with the name Wumi Toriola, a young and beautiful fast rising star who came into limelight few years ago as a yoruba actress and she has been doing great since then.

She took to her social media account on Instagram to write new message about some accusations about her personal life and this might be one of her best decision of the year. She reveal that it’s true that her marriage ended in 2022 but the accusations about her beating her own mother and her mother in-law isn’t true.

She made it clear that she isn’t a violent person and she has never exchange punches with anyone because she is a typical yoruba lady who wasn’t brought up that. Wumi Toriola would have chosen to not say anything about it but it’s too personal for her.

What are your thoughts about this and do you agree that celebrities always have to made it clear that they are different person from what people are seeing in movies.