BB Titans: Housemates’ advice to their younger selves in the back-to-school task

This week Big Brother made the housemates perform the “back to school” task, which also allowed them to naturally reflect on who they were, how far they had come, and what was next for them.

During the task, housemates were able to share the best advice they would give to their younger selves.

According to the advice each housemate gives their younger selves, BB Titans Blaqboi tells his younger self to “be fearless, be you, and be unapologetic.”

Next, Blue Aiva says to her young self:

“Learn to let go and don’t cry over spilt milk.”

Ebubu says, “Don’t be too trusting; not everyone is nice.”

Ipeleng says: “Life is too short to feel sorry for yourself! Wake up and love yourself! Be confident and believe you are amazing. “Take a chance, follow your heart; it will lead you to your dreams.”

Juicy Jay says, “Always give things a try before turning them down.”

Justin says: “Every situation is temporary, and if you think she’s cheating… she probably is.” LOL!”

Kanaga Jnr says, “Boy, you would have chased the dream earlier without fear and used every creative idea you thought of.” But hey, I am still proud of you, okay? Let’s go!”

Khosi says, “If anyone can do it, it’s you!” “You are more than capable; just trust the process and have a little more faith in yourself; you are enough, and I see you.”

Olivia says, “Take one step at a time and enjoy every moment.”

Miracle OP says: “Be yourself.” “Do not do anything to please other people, and trust the process.”

Nana says, “My advice to my younger self is to always be yourself and never give up on your dreams.” Always go for what you want, no matter the challenges that come with it. Be focused, smart, brave, and very competitive. Don’t let anyone make you feel less of yourself. “Be very close to your God, and also have fun.”

Nelisa says: “Never stop shooting for the stars!”

Tsatsii says “Never ever doubt yourself. You are beautiful, capable, and worthy; never let anyone tell you otherwise.” “Be proud of the body you carry and embrace it every chance you get.”

Yemi Cregx says: “Don’t be afraid to take risks and take every loss as a lesson.” “Develop yourself to do better and be better.”

Nevertheless, it was really an interesting moment for each of the housemates.