BB Titans: “I Have Never Dated Someone Outside My Country Before” – Tsatsii Speaks On Her Situation With Kanaga

Reality TV show Big Brother Titans housemate Tsatsii recently revealed that she has never dated someone outside her country while speaking on her situation with fellow housemate Kanaga. Tsatsii revealed this in a conversation she had with Nelisa few hours ago.

Tsatsii and Kanaga have been an item since the first week of the show. The two bonded over the weeks and it’s believed they will take their relationship to the next level outside of the house. After the thursday night tasks, Tsastii and Nelisa engaged in a conservation where the former spoke about her relationship with Kanaga. Tsatsii explained that on entering the house, she never expected to meet anybody. Tsatsii further stated that she has never dated someone outside her country as she doesn’t even have a passport to move out. In her words;

“When I got here, I didn’t think I will meet somebody, like my mom usually would break the TV if she hears this. I have never dated someone outside my country before, I never even had a passport till now. I am hoping that we will move to Nigeria, rent a house there and stay for a couple months”.

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