BB Titans: Justin gave Nelisa assurance with one other housemate

Big Brother Titan Nelisa and Justin had a conversation assuring each other about their bond and how they would maintain it even outside the house.

Meanwhile, Titans, Nelisa, and Justin had a chat in the kitchen alongside Ipeleng. They discussed potential bonding between housemates outside the house.

According to Ipeleng, she said there are some housemates she might not be on speaking terms with outside the house, and it is not out of negativity.

However, she pointed out that not everyone will click in the house, even outside the house, and it is natural.

Ipeleng said that for some housemates who already have strong relationships in the house, there’s a greater possibility that they will continue even outside the house.

Moreso, she said there’s more possibility for other housemates to switch immediately after they get outside of the house, making it difficult for them to connect with others.

Immediately, Nelisa affirms with Ipeleng and says Ipeleng is all right with her statement. Nelisa will then disclose that she will also not be all chummy with all the housemates outside the house, because one must not be friends with everyone.

In affirmation of the conversation, Justin agreed with the two ladies. Immediately, Nelisa called him out and asked if he would be cool with her outside the house. In response, Justin assured Nelisa that she would always be part of his life.

The conversation of the housemates is coming in preparation of their reunion and the drama that comes with it.