BBTitans: Check Out Why Housemates Were Separated From Communicating With The Opposite Gender

Yesterday, after the wager task, housemates went for their pool party. After that, Olivia, Blue Aiva and Nelisa fought but it was a prank. Head of House Thabang and Nana gathered all housemates together and they read out the note Big Brother gave them.

According to what was written down, Big Brother gave them a task and the task is all about separating the male and female housemates. Big Brother told them that both genders are not expected to talk to each other, whisper, wink, shake or hug each other. He told the ladies that they are not expected to cook for the male and if they do, they will be punished for their action.

For the fact that both genders are not expected to talk to each doesn’t mean it will last for a long period of time because it’s just a task. Immediately Thabang and his partner finished reading the content on the paper, housemates bid each other goodbye as they separated and went to their respective rooms.

Source: Shaderoom Blog