BBTitans: Slim Girls Are The Best And They Can Be Freaky – Yemi And His Colleagues Says [Video]

Yesterday, housemates played their arena game individually and they were all dressed like an Egyptian. After the game, Nana won the game and she was rewarded with a cash prize. After the task, the ladies went to their room and they celebrated Nana for winning, while the guys dominated the kitchen.

After cooking and eating, the guys sat down at the couch and they had a long conversation. They were talking about slim and fat girls and majority of the guys said they like slim girls. They used Blue Aiva’s body structure as a example and some of them agreed. Juicy Jay said he doesn’t like thin girls and Yemi told him that there’s difference between slim and thin girls.

Yemi went further to say that slim girls are the best and they are freaky as well. Kanaga agreed with Yemi and he said that he has dated different sizes of girls and he likes slim girls. Click here to watch and listen to their conversation.

Source: Almaplus Blog