BBTitans: “You Are An Amazing Person And I’ll Always Be Here For You” – Kanaga Jnr Tells Blue Aiva

Thursdays as we all know are meant for diary sessions. A special time for the housemates to highlight their favourite moment during the week, a time to reflect on how far they’ve come and lots more.

This morning, Blue Aiva and Kanaga Jnr were summoned by Big Brother to the diary room for their diary session. Recall, Kanaga Jnr and Blue Aiva were paired by Biggie during the pairing process. Ever since their pairing, the duo have been cool with each other. Recall weeks ago, they emerged as the winner of the Head of House (HoH) challenge.

During their diary session, Kanaga Jnr showered accolades on his partner, Blue Aiva for being a sweet and loving partner. He made Blue Aiva know that he is happy being paired with her and if he is to choose a partner, he would still pick her anytime, any day.

He also assured her that he will be there for her because she is an amazing person.

Kanaga Jnr said; “You Are An Amazing Person And I’ll Always Be Here For You”.

Kanaga Jnr also told Blue Aiva that they will continue to remain partners be it inside the Big Brother Titans house or outside.

Source: Big Brother Titans