I’m 76 Today But Not Happy- Veteran Actor, Pete Edochie Reveals Why He Is Unhappy On His Birthday

Veteran Nollywood Actor, Pete Edochie has expressed mixed feelings on his birthday which is supposed to be his joyous day.

Every 6th of March has always been marking a special day for the seasoned movie star but on this particular birthday, he is not quite happy and the reason for his sad mood appears to have been understandable.

Explaining reason for his unhappiness in a video shared on his Instagram page on Tuesday, Pete Edochie said: “He is 76 but he is not happy.”

The primary reason he is not happy is because he could not go to bank and access his money.

He said, “I’m 76 today and thank God who has brought me thus far. I should be happy today but I’m not because I can’t go to the bank to withdraw money which belongs to me and was told it’s for my own good.

“I can’t go to the filling station and buy fuel for my car, again must be for my own good. Electricity has been epileptic and has even now become worse. Elections manifest themselves as selection and tried to find out why but no one offered any explanation, so I said to myself, ‘Pete, it must be for your own good’.” he said.