“Just because of ordinary iPhone X” —Calabar state university student publicly flash her ‘t0to’ as She and other female colleagues battle it out for an iPhone on the dance floor [Watch]

The internet has erupted after a lady threw caution to the wind and turned up in a popular club (Quiver Lounge).

The popular Quiver Lounge along Thika hosted an event dubbed, Kamba Night, which brought together top Kamba artists, Ken Wa Maria and Katombi.

As Katombi was performing, a scαŋtily dressed lady took to the dancefloor and accidentally exp0ses her raw g00dies

The lady, who was shαking her backs!de vigorously, continued dancing even after exposing her rαw b@ckside to the revellers.

Watch video below:

Uproar As young Lady mistakenly Exposes Her Bushy Toto while dancing in the club

One of the recent gatherings featured a diaspora who really upped the ante in terms of her wardrobe
People were particularly curious about the woman’s outfit in this video because it was so stunning.

As she strolled and recorded films, her main engine and waist practically