Lady spark reactions online after hitting Lagos ShopRite stack n*k€d for a birthday photoshoot (Photos).

Unidentified lady’s incident at ShopRite and subsequent online photo craze created a stir on social media.

The yet-to-be-identified woman can be seen rocking a pink lingerie outfit and tattoos on her thigh in a photo going viral on social media.

See Photos below

See reactions from netizens below:

@Updateboyz said ‘’with the look of things I no sure say I go born girl in my life.

@Dapsy said ‘’finally we have reached the point of no return, we are getting there small small.

@Adebayor said ‘’what happened to shame…This is m@dness.

@OriAde said ‘’we have lost the impact of shame in our society.

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Watch as Bride Mistakenly Exposes Kpekus To Public during wedding reception

Ladies of today are after public attention to the extent that they do certain things that doesn’t speak well of them. They end up disgracing themselves without realizing, it’s a shame.

I hope ladies out there learn from this and always dress simple but passable and modestly.

viral video has popped up online showing a bride who wore a sensual gown to her wedding exposing her private part to the public. The location of the event that took place is unknown.

However, we all know this incident took place as a result of ladies trying to follow the fashion trend and surpass female colleagues but don’t you rather find it shameful and outrageous?

First impression really matters and dressing really counts, but I think she went overboard with this and from reactions and views generated from social media handles, the lady is not wearing a pant if you look closely at the picture and watch the actual video. I’ll drop the link to the video below so you can watch.