May Edochie, Peggy Ovire And Others React To Eve Esin’s Post On Instagram

Eve Esin is a Nollywood actress and she recently shared a photo of herself via her Instagram page, and it captured the attention of her fans online. Eve Esin is looking pretty in her black gown and it gave her a snazzy look. She’s wearing an armless gown and the colour brightened up her skin complexion.

Her gown is mini but no cleavages were exposed. Eve Esin is a fashionista and she doesn’t disappoint when it comes to fashion. She attached a net fabric at the waist part of her gown and it’s dripping. The detachable net is sewn in different layers and it’s beautiful. Her accessories enhanced the beauty of her appearance.

her outfit. Her makeup is neatly applied and her hairstyle added more beauty to her charisma. She captioned her post saying “Eve Esin Obi is from Akwa Ibom and also from Anambra, Aguluto be precise”. She of her fans reacted to her post, check out some comments below.