Nobody Can Deny The Fact That Igbos Have Contributed Immensely To The Development Of Lagos – Edochie

Yul Edochie, a Nollywood actor, stated on Saturday that nobody can deny the fact that the Igbos have contributed immensely to the development of Lagos state.

He however stated that it is incorrect to suggest Lagos is a no-land man’s and that the Yoruba people have generally been hospitable.

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“Lagos is a Yoruba state in Yoruba land. Imagine someone saying that Anambra is a no man land, That’s crap. Anambra is an Igbo land. You can’t come into someones land and tell the person its now a no man land na you dey find trouble.”

“Nobody can deny 

“Nobody can deny the fact that the Igbos have contributed immensely to the development of Lagos. Other tribes have contributed in their own ways too. And the Yoruba’s have been largely accommodating as well. It shouldn’t take away the fact that Lagos is a Yoruba land. We no dey drag ownership. Let’s kill tribalism before it”

Source: vanguard news