“Shame to you” – Pastor blasts church members for ‘giving God N100 as offering’ (video)

A viral video of a pastor expressing his anger at his church members for giving N100 as church offering has gone viral.
In the video, the clergyman who spoke in Igbo said;

Shame to you that came to give God N100. That is why others who come here that give big money receive blessings while you as a member will remain poor because you give small money”

You stand up majestically to come and give God N100 and those of you who also give N20. ”

He also made reference to the fact that they buy fuel N350 a liter for every service, yet church members drop small amounts as offering.

In another but related news, A video of Nigerian pastor and one of his church member has surfaced online and by extension generated mixed reactions among netizens.

In the trending video, the Abuja-based pastor identified as Apostle Amos Isha was spotted conducting deliverance on a male church member and that was just the beginning.

The Nigerian pastor during the deliverance at his church raised many eyebrows as he shows off his spiritual Kung Fu skills.

The church member who came for deliverance was strongly held by two woman while apostle Amos Isha continues to speak in tongue.

The Nigerian pastor deploys his martial art skills on the church member who falls down and rose up many times.

The apostle further shows off several gestures with his Kung fu styles while speaking in tongues.

However, the video has generated mixed reactions among netizens, while many sees it as been disgusting as they claim that it is derogatory to Christian as a religion, others went far by saying that those who introduced religion to Africans made a big mistake.