Some Things You Thought Were Sexy in years back

Were you even a person if you didn’t own a pair of True Religion jeans?

Thongs hanging out of jeans

Thanks to Degrassi for blessing us with this trend, which was formally known as whale-tailing in high school cafeterias all over the nation.

Low-rise jeans

Look how much of Lindsay Lohan’s lower belly these extremely low-rise pants show off. A fun thing about these pants is that they’re also called “hip huggers,” which is just very cute. And how else would you show off your bedazzled thong if not from atop extra low-rise jeans? BTW, this Lindsey look was for a 2007 appearance on MTV’s TRL (R.I.P.).

Von Dutch T-shirts

I am pretty sure Paris Hilton does not skateboard. Or at least she doesn’t do so professionally. But that didn’t matter, because wearing a Von Dutch tee was something hot people did, regardless of whatever hobbies they had.

Those lace camis that look like lingerie, basically

This top is essentially a piece of underwear, but that did not stop Isla Fisher and everyone else from wearing tops like this as actual shirts in daylight hours. If you were still in school in 2007, you had to cover this top up with a cardigan or something to fit the ~dress code~.

Tube tops

If your shirt looked like it was maybe once just a sock you cut the toe off of, then it was a sexy look in 2007. Let’s be honest, this kind of shirt is not flattering on anyone. Nobody pulled this off.

Uggs and shorts

It didn’t matter that this makes absolutely no sense in terms of practicality (What kind of weather even calls for exposed legs but fur-covered feet??), because in 2007, the hottest look was to wear Uggs with shorts.