Thabang discuss about experiencing peace following after the eviction with a fellow housemate.

Big Brother housemates Tsatsii and Thabang had a conversation in the early hours about experiencing peace now that some housemates have been evicted and how they would keep managing the nomination twist.

Recall that on Monday, the Head of House and Supreme Veto Power were won by Ipeleng for the season. This has guaranteed her a spot in the finale.

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Also, this week there will be no nominations, and this new development has got the housemates wondering what the deal is.

This came as a big shocker to the housemates as the twist gets more complicated and Tsatsii told Thabang that to her, this was the biggest vibe of the week.

According to Big Brother Titans housemate, Tsatsii, she said to Thabang that the fact that there were no nominations this week made her consider this “the biggest vibe.”

The two housemates continued their chat and claimed that they are living on vibes this week and are not bothered about anything until Sunday, when the Head of House, Ipeleng, will open the box.

However, Thabang revealed to Tsatsii that they had experienced peace ever since the eviction of some certain housemates. 

He was possibly referring to Yelisa. He emphasized how hard it was to speak with one housemate without another getting offended.

Thabang cited an example of Nelisa getting jealous if he speaks with Olivia and how unhappy Yemi Cregx is toward his (Thabang’s) association with Khosi.

Nevertheless, on Sunday, the box opening will determine if the peace that both housemates feel has come to stay or if it will rattle them.

Distinguish readers, kindly drop your views on this feeling; it is always appreciated.