“Why did you peck on the lips” – Ifedi Sharon lashes out at male colleague on set, accuses him of flirting with her in prank Video (Watch)

A viral video featuring Ifedi Sharon, a young actress in the Nigerian film industry, pranking her male co-star, Darlington Azoro, has caused quite a buzz on the internet. In the video, which has been widely shared on Instagram, the 19-year-old actress can be seen acting out a romantic scene with Darlington. However, she abruptly becomes aggressive towards him when he tries to deviate from the director’s script by attempting to kiss her on the lips.

After the incident where Sharon became aggressive towards Darlington, she proceeded to accuse him of repeatedly flirting with her before they arrived on set. Despite attempts by the director and other crew members to diffuse the situation, Sharon stormed out of the set in anger, only to return and continue hurling accusations at Darlington.

The young actor, visibly furious, confronted Sharon over the insults and ultimately stormed off the set. However, towards the end of the video, Darlington’s reaction to Sharon’s prank ended up amusing her, and she was seen laughing.

Captioning the clip, she wrote;

I decided to play small with Darlington

Watch the video below;