” You Have no Right to Tell me Anything ” Kate Henshaw Knocks Abroad Based Critics

Kate Henshaw is a lady that is passionate about the country and who leads it, the actress in a new post that addresses abroad based critics shared a tweet that reads ” unless it’s a matter of life and death, you choose to be outside this country at this crucial time only to return after the fact and be spouting all kinds of gibberish, you have no right to tell me anything! Put your hand to the plow! I don’t like what I hate! “

Her tweet definitely is hinged on the fact that some citizens have chosen to turn partake in the process of making the country moved from its current status, by participating in election activities that that will take the country from its current status, as they are abroad, and for her, they could decide to change things by moving here to seek for the change they want to see.

The actress definitely isn’t taking things easy, as she is ensuring that she does whatever it takes to move the country to it’s deserving point, and should your mean calling out abroad people to do so, them she is willing.

Images credit: Kate Henshaw Twitter’s page.